Baptism / Bautismo

Dear Parents,

We are ofering private baptism ceremonies as an Alternative due to the pandemic virus we all are Experiencing globaly.

The registration process is the same for private or Community baptism ceremonies in terms in complying With documents required by the archdiocese.

In the community baptism ceremony, now are usually Between 3 to 5 children along with their families. The Holy water is sprinkle to each child from a small Bottle and will be given to you after baptism. There are Limitations to 8 persons per child.

In the private baptim ceremony is only your child. There is a blessed water fountain and the deacon will pour into your child during baptism. The maximun capacity is 48 people.

The contribution for the private baptism is $250.00 to cover administrative costs.

Your safety is the utmost importance; everyone must wear a mask at all times, during arrival, ceremony Celebration and dismissal from church including children from 2years old on. We appreciate your kind cooperation and understanding.

Documents required for registration

Provide a copy of the following documents during registration:


  • Birth Certificate (to identify child)


  • Baptism certificate (from one of the parents)


  • Baptism Certificate
  • Confirmation Certificate
  • Catholic Marriage Certificate, if wedded
  • Sponsor letter from where faith is practiced

When Selecting a Godparent

"A sponsor needs to be at least sixteen or older, have been confirmed, participate in the blessed Eucharist and live a life of faith. The sponsor cannot be the mother or the father." [C.C.L.874]

Please consider if this person is in fact living their Catholic faith; this person should be someone very special in your Christian life, someone meaningful that will share their Love for God with you.


  • You will be notified via e-mail for the pre-baptismal class you requested
  • Do not make invitations for celebration until you receive the baptism date approved letter via e-mail.
  • If you don't receive via e-mail your notification letter for your preparation class requested within a week, you must contact the office immediately.

If you have a child between the ages of 7 and 17 and you would like to have them Baptized, learn more about our Religious Education program here.

If you are an adult 18 years or older and interested in being Baptized, learn more about RCIA here.

Yours in Christ!

Josefina Vazquez, MSW
Directress of Religious Education