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Dear Volunteer,

The Religious Education Program is sharing our knowledge about God using HIS WORD like it was during the primitive Church, inherited by our Lord JESUS CHRIST. We gladly appreciate your desire to be part of our volunteer program. Together, we will experience great joy when we reach out to children or adults seeking Catholic faith.

Our mission as catechists is to enrich participant’s lives, joining in their journey of faith formation. They will learn to Love God through you. We will be joyful when they receive their Sacrament of Baptism, Communion, Confirmation or/and Marriage Co-Validation.

Our program is structured for two years of catechesis for children, thirty two weeks for Adult’s RCIA; twelve weeks for Adult’s Confirmation; twice a month for Baptism for infants. This requires a great deal of responsibility such as being prompt to class, prepared in your lessons or readings, and being motivated to share your knowledge in a easy, fun and clear way.

The Archdiocese requires that in order to be a volunteer you will need to follow next steps:

  • Fill out a volunteer application
  • Interview with the volunteer coordinator
  • Fingerprinting
  • Virtus training.
  • Keep bulletins up to date .

In addition, you will need to provide copy of each of the following documents:

  • Baptism certificate
  • Confirmation certificate
  • Catholic marriage certificate, if married

All documents need to be submitted during your interview with the volunteer coordinator.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this process.

Yours in Christ!

Josefina Vazquez, MSW
Directress of Religious Education