Communion / Comunión

Dear Parents:

Our Religious Education program has an excellent team of catechists that will teach your children about the Catholic faith. Together, we will experience great joy when your children receive their SACRAMENT OF COMMUNION. We will rejoice together in achieving this great success.

Our program is structured for two years of catechesis. During both years, parents are going to be essential examples in their children’s journey of faith. Participants and parents must attend Sunday Mass during the two years of preparation. One Sunday of the month, the catechist will invite you to participate as community with her class. “Parent’s Catechesis Day” is co-requisite during the two years of preparation and parents’ attendance is documented every year. Parents are invited to provide “10 Volunteer Hours” for each year. There are two events when your participation as volunteer is needed: OLL Spring Festival and Lenten Soup and Stations of the Cross. Rosemarie Morales, Volunteer Coordinator will send you an invitation with dates and times.

Our mission of catechesis is supported by contributions obtained through registration. Your contribution underwrites the operating costs for the Religious Education Program to accomplish our yearly goals. Those contributions are established on a family basis; this means that if you have one or more children attending catechesis, your registration is per FAMILY. Your Contribution for books and materials supports our Communion program.

Membership to the parish will benefit you during registration process. You need to be registered and contributing for at least six consecutive months.

Tuition contribution must be in full at the time of registration:

Active Members:
1st Year Catechesis REGISTRATION $175.00 PER FAMILY
Books & Materials $50.00 per Child
2nd Year Catechesis REGISTRATION $175.00 PER FAMILY
Books, Materials & Sacraments $100.00 per Child
1st Year Catechsis REGISTRATION $200.00 PER FAMILY
Books & Materials $50.00 per Child
2nd Year Catechesis REGISTRATION $200.00 PER FAMILY
Books, Materials & Sacraments $100.00 per Child

Classes are on Wednesdays afternoons from 4:15pm-5:45pm and Saturdays from 9:00am-10:30am. It’s important to arrive on time and be on time to pick up your child for safety. If your child is absent more than 3 times, it may delay receiving his/her sacraments. Every absence needs to be cleared with a parent’s note. 3 times tardy is considered 1 day absent. Our program follows a weekly lesson plan, chapters are not repeated, if your child is absent, you must contact your child’s catechist. Class and Mass attendance are documented by catechist.

2nd year students must attend Retreat with parents and rehearsals with sponsors.

Documents for registering your child

Provide a copy of the Baptism certificate.

All documents need to be submitted at the time of registration. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in Christ!

Josefina Vazquez, MSW
Directress of Religious Education